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How safe is nitrous?

This is a discussion on How safe is nitrous? within the Nitrous forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have always had the impression the this will do more bad than good, but the guys at a shop ...

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    How safe is nitrous?

    I have always had the impression the this will do more bad than good, but the guys at a shop are telling me its completly safe? Is that true, I mean obviosuly there going to tell me that, but how safe is it on an engine with 110,000 miles, and basically stock. To me there seems to be more alternative routes, but I would like to hear your guys opinions?

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    so long as you don't abuse it, your motor will be fine.
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    nitrous is safe. the question is how good is ur tune?

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    I knocked 3 seconds off the ET of my old 3.8l firebird this year. It had 170k on the clock and i used a 100 shot which is the biggest recommended for the v6. Now I have a 2000 model WS-6 and am thinking of spraying it. I think that to spray completely safe you need to get a lid so you don't have the turbulence from the baffles, you have to pull the maf screen of course and some -1 spark plugs should work well. I also have HPTuners so that will help immensely too but it isn't necessary.

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    i think nitrouis has a bad name from the early usses of it from back in the day not useing all the stuff of today and running like 3 times more then reccomended. soo i think it has a bad rep.

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    Nitrous is safe as long as its installed properly...tuned properly...and used properly. you need to maintain your system by checkin the solenoids from time to time to ensure the plunger doesnt swell (wet systems) or that could be an expensive "Opps".
    With todays technology nitrous has become very safe to use and is far advanced than where it was 10-20 years ago. many old heads will tell ya thats its unsafe cause they are from an era where there were no dyno's to check air fuel or safety switches available. they just hooked it up to a push button and hoped for the best.
    Best of all...LS1's love the spray..go for it!!
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