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Gone lean overnight, wtf

This is a discussion on Gone lean overnight, wtf within the Nitrous forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I'm pretty sure it turns out like this. block,crank,rods,rockers,springs.....$.10/lb. pistons,heads,pan....$.12/lb. lol I've gotten busy with other tasks but i will ...

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    I'm pretty sure it turns out like this.


    I've gotten busy with other tasks but i will post my results when I get back to it.
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    practice makes per......more practice

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    Quote Originally Posted by 35th-ANV-SS View Post
    I quoted the important items I feel are an issue for Orion to comment on. Interested to see how this turns out.

    As far as bad gasoline is concerned, is using methanol as a supplement ever suggested for running nitrous? I never read up on nitrous much, but I'm using a AlkyControl kit myself with my SC, which I read and was informed by my tuner, gives me a lot more lee-way from something like this affecting anything. Or, is Nitrous already working like such?
    it sounds like a mechanical issue to me......looks like he has plenty of fuel until he hits the spray and then he's running out of fuel. Sounds like that fuel pump install is suspect. I would go through that, change the filter, add a hotwire kit, and possibly a boost a pump.

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    Yea, I hear ya on the fuel pump, only thing that throws me off is that the pressure remains the same as the winter dial in. When it would run dry at 1/4 tank as I mentioned earlier in the post, it could be observed through the fuel psi, needle would drop off to 0, and took it 2 full gears suck the cylinder dry on motor. I checked my receipts and I did change the fuel filter when I worked through this build back in Nov '12, my memory fades at times, my apologies.

    I plan to;
    change the filter, cant hurt.
    take a more detailed look at the fuel solenoid and make sure it is operating at 100%, that may explain the immediate lean condition.
    investigate all vacuum lines near the firewall, pain in the ...

    if it all checks out, then;
    drop the shot to 100
    bring my bottle to 900 - 950 psi and take her for a ride and see what happens.
    Its so damn hot in phx right now that I am a little leary of even pushing this issue but I don't want the monsoon humidity to roll in and complicate things even more.

    Speaking of this heat, my engine compartment is like a heat sink. I will also pull the temp gun out and shot around. Maybe I have some type of vapor lock occurring on the fuel side of the kit.....

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    Alright here is an update if anyone is watching,

    Finally took some time to look into this issue more and think i found the problem, i will be cautious to say i found it due to the history of this

    I previously performed the trick of seeing if the nut and thread became magnetic and it passed, did feel weak though, to be explained later.

    1) Performed a more thorough test on the fuel solenoid and found that it is not functioning at 100%.
    2) Machined up a spanner wrench to enable a look at the mechanical insides of the solenoid and found that it all checks out, take with a grain of salt due to history of pic available in my album.
    3) The electrical component, some type of creator of magnetic field?, of the solenoid shows a lack of coating on inside diameter. I suspect it has weakened the ability to convert top threaded portion into a magnet to over power a small spring and draw seat away from the inlet port.

    If anyone knows a bench test for this electrical component please share. I would guess something along the lines of lifting power per weight.....I will just buy a new solenoid but I like to tinker so.....

    To clarify previous posts:
    I don't know how some of these posts may be interpreted so I will provide my view.

    1) The problem was fuel, as Orion immediately picked up on, and I have more work to do inside my tank to increase flow to avoid other issues down the road. Thanks Orion cuz as mentioned, left to my own devices....
    2) The programming is spot on and I will add that NicD went above and beyond a tune by finding issues with my build before it hit the dyno. I advanced the cam on my first attempt, which he was leery of but I told him to dyno it anyway, which made my torque/horsepower chart look horrible and definitely felt in performance. He provided direction for a better cam grind if/when i decided to correct my mistake. Once the new grind was installed, straight up, just before hitting the dyno he realized my valve springs were insufficient and spared me of a catastrophic failure. Once that mistake was corrected he got the car on the dyno in quick time and gave it a tune that has left me impressed, and others cuz the performance is often complimented. He is a very talented and honest individual and if you’re watching, thanks Nic.

    There is nothing more humbling than ignorance and I have had my fair share of humbling experiences, read my signature.

    Thank you FirebirdJones for jumpstarting this process for me by providing info and hooking me up with informative people.

    So I will put an end to this thread except for one last thing:

    Hey EdBlownVert how about that name change I have requested, azmurdock, cuz back to the asylum I must go until the next episode....(thats an Ateam reference for all you younger gen.)

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