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A/F and Timing

This is a discussion on A/F and Timing within the Nitrous forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey guys, Basically these things go inline with the IAT sensor. They only work WITH PCM PROGRAMMING, but the changes ...

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    Hey guys,

    Basically these things go inline with the IAT sensor. They only work WITH PCM PROGRAMMING, but the changes are VERY simple and I can include instructions so that you or your tuner can VERY EASILY configure this. Not only is adjusting it EASY, installing it is too. Simply feed it with +12 when your nitrous is armed, and plug it inline with your IAT.

    If you have an 01-up OS, or if you are willing to upgrade to one, you get WOT FUEL control as well as WOT timing control. If you have a 98-00 OS you get WOT timing control, but cannot adjust fueling. The fueling adjustment takes a second and is MUCH easier than jet swapping or nozzle relocation provided you have a little extra overhead in your injectors.

    The best part is, you get to keep your regular strong N/A timing and WOT fueling. The module is ONLY active when the nitrous is armed and the car goes to WOT. I only have about a half-dozen on hand but have the parts to make a few dozen more if needed. They are $60 + S/H.

    This older post has some info and some screen shots of logs showing it in operation: ***sponsor recognition for February***


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    Here is a quote from a guy I listen to.

    I am not sure what lean enough to hurt parts is. I have had some stuff so lean, it slowed the car, showed weird stuff in the EGTs and actually made the plug dark, because it was so cold in the chamber, but I have seen very few, if any pistons, I thought were burned from lean. The only time I thought I had personally burned one lean, was when I had some super flyweight, thin on top, Super Stock pistons in a motor I was hosing. I burned holes straight thru the center and thought it got too lean. But looking back, I think the piston just could not take the cylinder pressure, cracked the center, forced some oil up through the crack and burned a hole in it. At this point, provided you have enough timing out, I think you will noticably slow the car, before you get the tune lean enough to hurt parts. I realize we don't all run Pro-Mods, but the lessons learned there carry over. These guys just want to go fast and are willing to sacrifice some parts to do so. We keep getting leaner and leaner, the cars keep getting faster and as a bonus, we are not hurting parts. We went as fast as 3.94 @ 190 with Myers car last year and it weighs 2500lbs. On top of running well, we did not hurt the motor once all year. It came apart twice and that was for rings and rods, never because it was hurt and I run the tune ups in that car really lean. Well over 13.1 on the 02 sensors.


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    found it
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