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dry vs. wet vs. direct port

This is a discussion on dry vs. wet vs. direct port within the Nitrous forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; What are the advatages/disadvantages to these three types of nitrous systems?...

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    dry vs. wet vs. direct port

    What are the advatages/disadvantages to these three types of nitrous systems?

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    dry: advantage - no fuel being dispersed into the intake disadvantage - you have to buy larger injectors if you ever want to go past the basic setting.

    wet: advantage - adds fuel via the nozzle. no need for larger injectors. disadvantage - the theory of fuel puddling will go on forever. if you had a backfire through the intake, it could ignite the fuel that gets caught up in the intake tract.

    direct port - advantage basically gets rid of the backfie issue and keeps the n2o/fuel mix consistent per cylinder because it sprays right into intake just before the head. disadvantage - 8 nozzles = 16 jets. lots of plumbing.

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    Or the of Nitrous system 2 stage dry with a 3rd stage Direct Port.


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