Congratulations to ZForce1 on the November COTM spot Thank you, I am grateful for getting the COTM spot. Too bad ...
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  • November COTM winner *** ZForce1 ***

    Congratulations to ZForce1 on the November COTM spot

    Thank you, I am grateful for getting the COTM spot. Too bad it's slowing down. I usually try to take the time to stop by and vote.

    Anyway, the car is:
    1999 Camaro Z28
    red (factory, no aftermarket paint)
    I only had it to the track once, bone stock at the time and did 13.5 sec quarter mile at 108 mph, although recently it would have done far better.

    3.42 gears (A4 car)
    Custom shift kit
    Strano Springs
    B&M 1" lowering front A-arms (with 1/2" spacer)
    UMI adjustable TQ arm
    UMI adjustable panhard bar
    UMI adjustable lower control arms
    Lower control arm relocation brackets
    6LE front clip

    As a side note, I should mention that since I posted my car on the COTM poll this time, tragedy has befallen it. I have posted my car in the past for COTM, but did not get it. How ironic is it that it should get it now upon its demise. I was hit on the highway by an 18 wheeler and thrown into a ditch - at highway speeds. The car is totalled. Repairable, but only by those with much deeper pockets than mine.
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    1. Naaman's Avatar
      Naaman -
      What a bummer. Sorry to hear about your car
    1. deadbolt24's Avatar
      deadbolt24 -
      I have to ask do you want to sell it if you still have it? I need a transplant drivetrain?
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