Congratulations to SSmokin99 on winning the 2012 COTY! First, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. I'm ...
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  • *** 2012 COTY ... SSmokin99 ***

    Congratulations to SSmokin99 on winning the 2012 COTY!

    First, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. I'm actually shocked that I won, but also excited at the same time. Anyway, I got this SS on June 17, 2003 as a graduation present from my parents. It had 17k miles and they bought it for $16,000. I originally wanted a black SS, but the one I checked out was a salvage title and it wasn't in the best condition. I kept looking around and found a black SS for $18,500, but it was out of the price range.

    I didn't give up as this is a car I've wanted for a long time... So one day back when Yahoo still had a classifieds section I came across a 1999 Pewter SS. I hated Pewter at the time, but the mileage and price was pretty good. Me and my parents decided to check it out and when I saw it, it was love at first sight. I couldn't believe how good Pewter looked under fluorescent lights. We took it for a test drive and a few weeks after throwing a down payment my Dad picked it up and brought her home. It took a long, LONG time for me to believe I was actually driving a SS.

    So far I only have bolt ons... I completely switched out my interior from my 2002 Z28 which is full leather. Over the summer in 2011 I decided to paint my SS since there was so many Pewter SS's & Z/28's around my area. I went with Sunset Orange Metallic and I don't regret it one bit. Here are some pics of my SS over time.

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    1. SSmokin99's Avatar
      SSmokin99 -
      Oh WOW! Thanks everyone. KahanaReef, I just checked my e-mail a few mins ago too.
    1. tatertot91's Avatar
      tatertot91 -
      Congrats, that car deserved to be on the cover.
    1. brettcollins's Avatar
      brettcollins -
      uuuuugh! I am so getting green with envy now. That is one totally awesome prize. Congratulations!!
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