Congratulations blackbird0230! hello, first of all let me just say thank you for voting me in to car of ...
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  • *** October COTM Winner ... blackbird0230 ***

    Congratulations blackbird0230!

    hello, first of all let me just say thank you for voting me in to car of the month.
    I have followed for about 5 years now and have always wanted to win a cotm, I tried and failed before and stopped and decided to add some mods before I entered it again. The picture came about from me driving to get some food on a Saturday, threw some metallica on the radio and just started driving. Unsure of where I was going I ran into crazy rain and drove through a ton of mountain passes. I took some desperate measures to attempt getting a descent shot (washed car with bottled water and old tshirt) since I was 6 hours away from home in unfamiliar ground. I think the shot came out great and am overall very happy with it.

    Now for the car.
    Ever since I was a child I always had a soft spot for GM muscle, I went to at minimum 3 car shows each summer and I always loved the Fbody style and how they came to be. In 2007 I graduated and decided I would love to drive around a 67-69 camaro but after searching classified ads I quickly learned the prices were steeply out of my league. So I looked into 2nd gens and then 3rd gens and stumbled on 4th gens. I found out there was a ton of information on building these cars at home. 4th gens it is, Now I have always been a Chevy guy and always thought of Pontiac to be somewhat of a bastard step child of the Bowtie so I sought after a Camaro. One by one I dissected each car and found pros and cons of them but I couldn't find any one that stood out more than the other. I talked about the idea of getting a new car with my parents and explained to them that I almost had enough money to buy one but I couldnt find one. My parents, thinking I was joking, threw out the idea of selling me the Trans am in the garage if I had enough money. I said if they were serious I'd go pull the money out right now. Deal. I bought me my first car. A 2002 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 6 speed with 21K miles on the odometer for just under 3/4 of the cost at a dealership. They bought the car in 2003 with 7,000 miles, drove it sparingly on road trips and such, parked it and lost the keys. The car sat for almost 5 years before it had been touched when I bought it.
    I drove it around stock for a little while until I saw a little black trans am on YouTube owned by a guy named Mr. Luos. He turned me on to this website and then the mods started. I started out small with a lid like everyone else. That turned into headers and catback, and that turned into duals, then a cam, then suspension, so on and so forth. As the car sits, it is cam and headers with true duals. Good enough for 400.5 rwhp and 373 rwtq here in Colorado. The car has really become a part of me and I cant imagine ever parting with it. I will continue to mod it and improve it with the help on here. Big thanks to any one who has helped me directly or indirectly. I love this website.

    Texas Speed Longtube Headers
    Custom Catless True Dual Exhaust with Magnaflow Bullet Mufflers
    Custom grind cam 228/232 .588 .595 112 LSA
    SLP Blackwing Lid
    MSD wires
    NGK spark plugs
    Power bond underdrive pulley
    LS7 lifters/ LS2 trays
    PRC double valve springs
    Monster Stage 1 clutch
    Tick Performance Master Clutch Cylinder
    MGW short throw shifter
    UMI 3 Point Subframe Connectos
    UMI Adjustable Tunnel Mounted Torque Arm
    Edlebrock 3 point Strut Tower Brace
    Strano Springs
    SLP bilstien shock/struts
    Slotted-Drilled Rotors
    Hawk HPS pads
    Torq Thrust II wheels 17x9.5/17x11 on Nitto 555's

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    1. wileyCoyote's Avatar
      wileyCoyote -
      awesome car, ...and you've taken great care of it!
    1. 024mula's Avatar
      024mula -
      Great story and great look'n TA.
    1. silverWS6's Avatar
      silverWS6 -
      That is clean!! Very nice
    1. blackbird0230's Avatar
      blackbird0230 -
      Thanks guys! I try lol
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