Congratulations SLP02SS! Jeff Gania 02 Camaro SS I bought this car back in 2004 when i was 19. I can ...
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  • *** November COTM Winner... SLP02SS ***

    Congratulations SLP02SS!

    Jeff Gania

    02 Camaro SS

    I bought this car back in 2004 when i was 19. I can remember being 15 and seeing this 95 camaro drive by my house that was pretty modded always in 2nd gear running 2500 rpm though some flowmasters and saying one day i will have a car that badass and ironcally meeting and becoming good friends with the owner of that z28. after graduating and owning a pos "first car" i finally got a 91 rs with all z28 options as a partial highschool graduation gift. after owning it for a few years and having some other cars, better and better after years at a good job would provide i finally got my dream camaro. So i had a 2yr old ss camaro at the age of 19 and lived on my own, life was good lol. the car had the headers on it already as the previous owner had stainless works pick the car up and used it as the pattern car back when he bought it in 02. I have done all the other mods on it since then. I have been through some tough times in the 8 years that ive had this car and have almost lost it twice due to jobs and the lovely economy but fortunalely i have a great family that was able to help me keep my baby and many nights of just eating ramen soup while penny pinching. as jobs came back i managed to do a few things here and there and then finally making myself go to college im starting to be able to get back in the hobby. the car is almost 8 yrs old and may not be one of the fastest on in town anymore like it use to be but i and completly happy with it and wouldnt get rid of it for anything, hell it still has the plastic under the floormats from the factory and only 33,XXX miles on her. i got the ccws this spring, which i have wanted for many years, you may reconise it with the zo6 wheels it use to have. I am 100% satisfied with the outside appearance of the car and now its time to make her a little faster than 12:51 in the 1/4 and a little more than 365hp/379 ftlbs to the wheels. I plan to do heads and cam first and i already have a kenny brown bolt-in cage that will make their way to the car soon, with my dream to build a 427 ls7 someday...stay tuned for more upgades

    2002 Camaro SS
    "345hp" package
    color- sunset orange metallic

    performance mods.
    ls6 block
    stainlessworks LT's and ORY
    stock slp CME
    DNH cutouts
    ported MAF
    ported and polished TB
    SLP stainless steel C.A.I.
    prothane motor and tranny mounts
    pro 5.0 shifter
    SLP 4:10 gears
    Hotchkis lowering springs, STB, panhard bar, boxed LCA's and SFC's
    qa1 12 adjustable coilovers and shocks

    Appearance mods.
    wings west front grill
    clear corners
    halo headlights
    polished stainless steel SS emblems & CAMARO filler
    black vynil hood insert
    19x10 and 19x11 CCW 505a's with perrelli tires
    NR whiteface gauges, automter 3 gauge pillar w/ gauages
    pioneer h/u and JL audio stereo componets and sub

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    1. ldurham's Avatar
      ldurham -
      Glad to see you never lost it! Beautiful car man love the CME!
    1. Lunatikgixxer's Avatar
      Lunatikgixxer -
      Love your car. love everything about it, the wheels, the color, the clean ass engine bay! lol.. I also bought my car when i was 19, im 20 now though so hopefully in 7 or 8 years my car will be as good looking as yours!
    1. Cero's Roman Nose's Avatar
      Cero's Roman Nose -
      Great looking car. Remember, it's only "original" once. Too many modifications may reduce future value and most surely reduce rarity.
    1. SSickLS1's Avatar
      SSickLS1 -
      nice car! looks almost the same as mine ^_^
    1. SLP02SS's Avatar
      SLP02SS -
      thanks guys
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