Congratulations speedyWS6 on your July COTM win! Well Guys... Rather unexpected to garner a COTM at my first go! Thanks ...
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  • *** July COTM winner...speedyWS6 ***

    Congratulations speedyWS6 on your July COTM win!

    Well Guys...

    Rather unexpected to garner a COTM at my first go!

    Thanks to all those who have followed my antics on the site and
    maybe had a vote for me.

    As you probably have read before, this is my second WS6 Trans Am and i
    should never have sold the first but we won't go there!

    Many of you will have followed my hunt for a good car and a good few
    of you told me about possible cars and Dave (Nutball) needs a mention here as
    not only did he make phone calls for me, to provide credance to any seller
    that i was indeed legit and not a Nigerian Prince just after their wealth,
    he is still there accepting stuff from vendors to ship on to me. A huge
    help for me so thanks Dave! Jeff is also always on the case with an amazing
    wealth of knowlege with problems and there are others too and you know who you are!!

    My 2002 WS6 came from a good Guy In St. Louis Missouri and the problems just went
    on and on with banking issues rearing their heads and my bank not understanding Credit Unions.
    Don't get me started on the huge expense and general nightmare that is involved
    with shipping a car overseas!!! You guys have it so easy in comparison!!
    John, the previous owner, used the car for sunny days and for church at the weekends and has
    been extremely well looked after and a credit to him!

    It came with bolt on sub frame connectors installed and engine wise it came
    with the ubiquitous SLP lid, smooth bellows and the larger SLP MAF sensor. A tubular
    strut brace was fitted but just recently i changed this to a custom made version with ends coated to
    match the calipers, as the pics show. Various other stainless and acrylic doodads help dress up the engine bay.
    The rims have been stripped and fully polished to a much better than factory shine, just need
    to use a polymer sealant for upkeep. All the wheel wells have been detailed and the brake calipers done
    in an orange enamel.

    The interior has come in for a bit of a makeover with Alligator skin vinyl on the doors
    and also the custom made armrest pieces in the back. It just breaks up the sea of black inside.

    I guess you could say it is a "full bolt on" car and has:

    Texas Speed 1 7/8" LT headers
    Kooks ORY with Magnaflow High Flow Cats welded on
    magnaflow I pipe and cat back muffler with Badlanz electric cut out
    Custom made oval exhaust tips
    Frost tune
    SLP air lid
    SLP smooth bellows
    SLP MAF sensor

    It has more than enough "go" for me right now and will carry on enjoying the car as it is and no doubt make a few more bits for her!!

    Thanks again for the votes guys!!


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    1. theorangeguy's Avatar
      theorangeguy -
      Congrats! Beautiful car.
    1. DarrenWS6's Avatar
      DarrenWS6 -
    1. wileyCoyote's Avatar
      wileyCoyote -
    1. Nutball's Avatar
      Nutball -
      Well deserved win my friend!!! Car looks GREAT!!!
      I'm fortunate to have a few of your custom pieces on my T/A as well.
      Now on to COTY!!!
    1. 35th-ANV-SS's Avatar
      35th-ANV-SS -
      Congrats. Love the alligator skin on the doors among other things that you did.
    1. speedyWS6's Avatar
      speedyWS6 -
      Thanks guys....

      Plaudits from my peers on here means a lot!!!!!

      Have to think of the next thing to fiddle with......

    1. boxergirl's Avatar
      boxergirl -
      that is a beautiful car. I am looking for the same color in a 6 speed. there a bit hard to find, all seem to be automatic. that is a hell of a nice ride.
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