Congratulations 024mula! I always drove Firebirds my entire life, when I was 17 and able to afford my 1st car ...
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  • *** July COTM Winner ... 024mula ***

    Congratulations 024mula!

    I always drove Firebirds my entire life, when I was 17 and able to afford my 1st car which was a 1974 Firebird Esprit (350 2-barrel), boy could that car run. The only problem it rusted liked crazy, I traded it for a 1979 Firebird which was dressed up like a Turbo Trans Am, man did it like nice. But it couldn't pull a "fart out of a shoebox", whoever owner it before me put a Buick 6-cylinder in it and instead of putting a bigger and better engine in it. I trade it off on a 1986 Firebird which was a very nice runner and good looking car. It had a 305 4-barrel motor that was easy on gas as long as you keep your foot out of it. But the unfornate happened, I hit a farm tractor with it and totaled it.I had to find a car fast, I looked all over but couldn't find a Firebird that I liked so I bought a 1985 Mercury Cougar which was a good car but NO Firebird. Couple years later I traded the Mercury for a 1991 Firebird Formula with a WS6 package, WOW was I ever surprised. I didn't know how good a car could handle the road.
    To keep the '91 as long as possible I built a two-car garage and keep it for over 10 years, in that time I got a '99 Chey pick-up for work.Then mid-life crises hit me and the '91 had 150,000 miles on it and it started to break down alot and started to rust. I looked all over for a 2002 (the last of the breed), finally found one two states away and bought it.
    Now I have a problem, I have two Firebird Formula's and a pick-up and only a two car garage. So I sold the '91 to make room for the '02.

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      congrats, looks good!
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