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  • *** December COTM winner ... sxxv ***

    Congratulations to sxxv for his December COTM win!

    Thanks to all that voted for me for this month’s COTM!

    This is the second transformation of this car in its short 16,000mi life. We started out like most 4th gen fboder's with a simple H/C, exhaust, bolt on's, etc. 400hp at the tire got old pretty quick and tore it down to go down a road a little “less traveled”.....that was over 8yrs ago! Like the tech industry, if you blink, the next best thing has already come and gone. Initially, I opted for a max effort 403...considered F/I, but at the time it seemed that was a very popular direction. Having a somewhat "have to be different" personality, it sat for a little longer until I met Shawn Miller a few years ago. After several discussions, a shared vision of building a bad ass "Jekyll and Hyde" boulevard bruiser…..not to mention a fair sized dent in the bank account, the result is the 460" beast that exists between the fenders today having spun a Mustang dyno to 634rwhp / 547 ftlbs @ 6700!!

    In the process of sorting the bullet out, it was time to build around it. This car's main existence is light to light acceleration, cruising, etc, so it had to handle, have manners in all RPM’s and not look like an 800hp race car. Below is a culmination of the parts and pieces that make this an incredibly easy car to drive, look presentable at any show and absolutely run possessed through the streets!

    460" RHS (4.180 bore x 4.185 stroke - 11.5:1)
    Mast heads (not advertised….)
    Crane Cam – 262/274 .672/.672 @ 113 (hyd)
    1.7 T&D rockers
    JE Pistons
    Lunati Crank
    Callies Rods
    Kinsler ITB – first Kinsler set-up put in a 4th gen fbody (mainly because it doesn’t fit without some help!)
    Mezierre Water Pump

    Kooks 2" Headers
    Kooks 3" Duals

    Chassis / Suspension:
    MWC 9" – narrowed 1” per side; Wavetrac differential
    3.70 Yukon gear
    Liberty Gear Viper spec'd T56
    PST Alum drive shaft
    Katech LS9X twin disk clutch
    UMI tubular front / rear (upr / lwr control arms and K-member) UMI sway bars Bilstein shocks Eibach Pro springs

    Wheels / Tires / Brakes:
    18" Fikse Profils in Dark Speed Silver; 18x9.5 and 18x11
    CTSV Brakes
    Hydratech Brake Boost

    To add to the performance highlights, the “Jekyll” half of this car is meant to attract a little attention and some Q&A at a local cruise or car show. With that, A LOT of detail in hiding wires, engine bay body work, fastener choices, layering different finishes (paint, powder, chrome, polished alum, hydrodip, CF, etc) and all the while HOPE it isn’t too gaudy to the majority. Though I’ve got a little more to do, I think I got pretty close on my first try…

    Thanks again all!

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    1. wileyCoyote's Avatar
      wileyCoyote -

    1. 2002ssslp's Avatar
      2002ssslp -
      Impressive to say the least.
    1. pajeff02's Avatar
      pajeff02 -
      ^^ Ditto. Congrats!
    1. 35th-ANV-SS's Avatar
      35th-ANV-SS -
      Which UMI sway bar model are you running? Not sure if they offer more than one model or not. Were you happy with the fit up of it with the 9"?

      As always, your car looks awesome.
    1. xssv's Avatar
      xssv -
      Thanks guys....was a fun car to build!

      Quote Originally Posted by 35th-ANV-SS View Post
      Which UMI sway bar model are you running? Not sure if they offer more than one model or not. Were you happy with the fit up of it with the 9"?

      As always, your car looks awesome.
      Thanks. Have their solid 22mm. Looks tiny next to that 9", but fits perfect.
    1. jrbonds's Avatar
      jrbonds -
    1. BrooklynSU's Avatar
      BrooklynSU -
      Awesome Ride!
    1. cpop98ws6's Avatar
      cpop98ws6 -
      Love it! I want your wheels!
    1. xssv's Avatar
      xssv -
      Thanks guys!

      Quote Originally Posted by cpop98ws6 View Post
      Love it! I want your wheels!
      Make me an offer
    1. marjoriecohen's Avatar
      marjoriecohen -
      congratulations!! cool ride you've got
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